Rules (READ! These are important.)

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Rules (READ! These are important.)

Post  Mario on Sun Sep 07, 2008 6:23 am

Welcome to Mario Madness, and I hope you all have a good time, but I need to explain the rules.

1: No spam outside of the spam board. This includes messages that have little to no meaning, or are off-topic.
2: No flaming. This is insulting anyone, or anything they do.
3: No Censor Bypassing. I'm working on the censors. If you are suggesting to me anything that SHOULD be censored but isn't, I'll let it slide.
4: No flamebait. This means you can't provoke anyone to flame you.
5: No rebelling. If you don't like the site, then leave. There is also no planning to raid any other Forum. If it is discovered that you're planning a raid on MM, you will be IP Banned. This means you cannot go on, even as a guest.
6: No illegal discussion.
7: No double-posting. The exception is bumping a topic. Double posts have no punishment, but they're annoying.
8: No pagestretching without warning. The exception is a quote pyramid. If you're building up a quote pyramid though, just put in the important things to your post.
9: No advertising outside of the advertising board. Advertising in your sig is the only exception
10: No abusing glitches in the system. If you find a glitch, let me know, and don't use it on purpose. And don't think you can hide it from me, because when you become an admin, you have a way to find these things out. You WILL be punished, and more then normal, if you're caught abusing glitches.
11: No harassing other members. This is called trolling. If you are reported to be harassing a user, you will be sent straight to the Bad Members group. This includes raiding their site after they advertise on MM. If you do this again, you will be temporarily banned. A third time will result in permanent banning.

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse for breaking them. If you break 5 of these rules in 1 month, you will be sent to the Bad Members group for a week. If you break 2 rules in the Bad Members Group, you will be banned for a month. If your behavior continues, then you will be banned permanently.

Also, you must introduce yourself in New Members, Leaving Members, & Returning Memebers before anything else. It doesn't matter if you do this or not, but it gives people a chance to know you better, first.

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