Game Review:Resident Evil 4(PS2 version)

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Game Review:Resident Evil 4(PS2 version)

Post  Leon S. Kennedy on Sat Apr 24, 2010 1:58 pm

Here's a review of a game I played on my Playstation 2 last year(when I was 14)..
Now despite being 14 last year, I enjoyed the game and until most who play M-rated games and get very violent, I actually handled it maturely and the game turned out fun.

Now with the review.

The basic story is, you are Leon S. Kennedy(from Resident Evil 2 for the PSX) and you are going to some country where some cult group has taken the president's daughter(a ficitional president, of course..) and you are off to go save her, but they didn't say you were going to be facing off people infected with parasitic organisms and using awesome weapons like a shotgun and stuff..

Overall the story gets a 8.9/10.

I've heard that people have complained about the PS2 version having less awesome graphics, well I've never played the Gamecube version..
But the graphics are good compared to today's games.

Overall the graphics get a 9/10

Gameplay is pretty damn good.
You use a wide arensal of guns and such, but the knife actually is effective here!Very Happy
Some people have even done knife-only runs..
Now there is other stuff too(exclusive only to the PS2,Xbox,PC and Wii versions.) like a minigame called Mercanaries and Seperate Ways, where you see another character's side of the story..
Plus unlockable guns and costumes!

Overall the gameplay gets a 9.8/10.

Sound and Music:
The voice acting is actually better now, but of course there is some cheesy dialouge that's in the game that has been popular on the internet.

The music usually fits the atmosphere, although not as Silent Hill..

The sound and music get a 8.9/10

Buy or Rent?:
Rent this game if you've never played a survival horror game before, but if you like shooters and stuff, this game will be fun..

I only offered this section for this review because some teenagers might want this game and such and it is M-rated, though..

The violence is a little bit high, but compared to Silent Hill and God of War, this is just stuff from a PG-13 movie..
There is some decapitation and such in the game and a occasional corpse(just to add to the horror.) there is a lot of ways your character can die,though..

As for the sexual stuff, it's pretty tame..

Language is what you would expect from a PG-13 movie, no F-bombs are dropped though..

So if you've seen a lot of R-rated movies or something, it's not that bad..

I say this game is okay for a mature 15 or 16 year old...

That ends this week's review.
Leon S. Kennedy

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